Urban Farming in Singapore

Now we will turn to Singapore’s farm and farmers’ life. Have you heard about urban farms? Yes, Singaporean farmers have started applying urban farming. An urban farming trend is an easy step for farmers.  To grow farm for urban markets where communities stay is called urban agriculture.  The cause to grow urban farming is this farming helps to keep area without waste. Singaporean citizens have encouraged planting vegetables, fruits and green vegetables and some food items instead of lawns and show plants. With the urban farming any one can grow their own farming next to their door. No need to think about waste and keeping it clean and maintaining houses. A common person can use his or her own land for farming. Urban Redevelopment Authority was formed on 1st April 1974. This authority helps people to prepare a plan to plant vegetables in their own land.  Earlier Singaporean land was waste land. This authority helped people to make use of such lands.

Singaporean people are now aware of planting properly such as organic food, roof gardening, and planting vegetable items instead of lawns. Singaporean people can start business using their land. According to the season or the demand for the fruits, vegetables, and herbs they can start planting the particular fruits or vegetables and sale it out in the market. As this awareness has been increased people have started taking initiatives to start farms based entrepreneurship.

Let us understand the great idea of Singaporeans which gives awareness in people to use their own land properly.



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