Singapore and its people: The Singaporean farm life

We are familiar with the fact that the population of Singapore is multicultural.  Almost 17 million people stay in Singapore. Singapore has cosmopolitan population. Almost from throughout all countries immigrants have settled in Singapore. Its citizens are the main strength of its economic growth. As per the economists, Singaporean people are very talented and hard working. Due to its multicultural population which includes persons of different origins, people from all over the world find it easy to settle down and start an entrepreneurship in Singapore. Singapore government is also very supportive to new entrepreneurs to become expert entrepreneurs.  In this cosmopolitan nature inter-cast marriages started happening.

Though Singaporean population is multicultural, people are living happily in harmony. They are quite friendly with each other. Though Singapore is a modern city, all people from different religions follow their own different cultures. They are still maintaining their traditions. You can see both modernity as well as traditions in Singapore. If you visit Singapore, you will be able to find out easily where the different people from different communities such as Muslim, Hindu, Christian stay.  For example you will be able to feel the Indian atmosphere by observing the customs and ideas followed on the Serangoon road by the Indians living there. If you see the Neo-classical buildings which are located around the city, you will observe the Christian people.  If we think about the festivals, almost throughout the year people celebrate their festivals according to their customs and religion.

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